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I don’t know about you but drying my hair is not something I particularly enjoy. This tedious part of our beauty routine is something the majority of us must do at least a couple of times a week.

For those of you blessed with poker straight hair or beautiful, bouncy curls when air-dried, we can no longer be friends…Just kidding!

My hair really does do it’s own thing the majority of the time. It’s not straight, it’s not curly….it’s wavy (which really just means it wants to be everything all at once and can’t decide). There will be days (I think there’s been 3 in the last decade) when my hair looks beautiful without needing a hairdryer or any other heated hair styling. But waiting around for a good hair day is not the most effective way to manage my time.

This is where my new BFF comes in….Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It – (h)AIR Styler.

Here’s what Bumble and Bumble say:

What:  A first-of-its kind creme to give you a beautiful air-dried look with a product-free feel.

Why: Polymers and plant-based conditioners enhance texture and body. The blend provides a lightweight, touchable finish. UVA and UVB filters protect against the damaging effects of the sun.

Who: For any air-drier who wants to enhance their texture. Ideal for fine to medium hair.

When: On days when you want to avoid heat styling.

How: Work into towel-dried hair by squeezing or twisting.

I know in the past I’ve had every intention of drying my with a hair dryer. I’ve put all the volumising products in ready to go and then for some reason, it just doesn’t happen. I get sidetracked by my phone, a family member or sometimes just purely CAN’T. BE. BOTHERED.

Bumble and Bumble 'Don't Blow It'
Hair after using ‘Don’t Blow It’ #wavyhairdontcare

This creates a problem. The products I’ve already put in my hair need to be heated up. As a result, the product dries in my hair making it crunchy and ends up looking greasy. Well done me.

Now, Bumble and Bumble’s ‘Don’t Blow It’ is a fantastic product. You towel dry your hair, use a small amount and work into your hair and BOOM! ….ok you still have wet hair at this point. BUT give it a couple of hours and your hair will be soft and silky. Not crunchy.

There are how-to videos on Bumble & Bumble’s website which you should check out.

My favourite how-to: smooth the product through the hairs framing your face. If you have hair like mine, those annoying, wavy baby hairs are a nuisance so pulling them straight will ensure the hair dries neatly.

It will set you back £6.99 for 60ml which is the travel-sized bottle or £23 for the 150ml. I do think it’s worth the money but try the travel-size first before you commit. I do this with all Bumble & Bumble products as they are quite pricey compared to most drugstore hair products.

Have you tried this awesome product yet?

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