UPDATE: Dose of Colors UK

I have news about the highly sought-after brand from the US, Dose of Colors, but it’s not good.

My number one most-read article since I started my blog just over a year ago isĀ  “Dose of Colors Launch in the UK“.

The Dose of Colors brand is extremely popular across Instagram and YouTube. I have always ordered my DoC supplies directly from their website in the US. Anyone who ships cosmetics internationally will know it doesn’t come cheap. Customs charges and shipping can sometimes cost more than the order itself. Few brands are worth this hassle but Dose of Colors is one of them.

When my beloved beauty supplier, Beauty Bay, announced they would be stocking this brand back in December 2015 I was ridiculously excited. I couldn’t wait to share the news with my fellow beauty lovers.

The liquid lipsticks would sell out fast and restocks seemed to be few and far between. Their bestselling shade “Stone” was never in stock but I kept checking the website in hope of some good news.

Around November last year, I had noticed the only DoC items stocked by Beauty Bay were the makeup brushes. The liquid lipsticks, highlighters, lashes and lip glosses had all disappeared from the site.

After further investigation on Twitter, I found out that Beauty Bay could no longer import these items to the UK. There seems to be a change in the shipping restrictions as I’ve noticed a few other brands that were once on the site, are no longer available for this same reason.

I’m sorry to bring this sad news for any Dose of Colors fans out there. I am hoping that we can still ship the items directly from Dose of Colors. I will try to order something from their site in the near future and get back to you on this. It would be such a shame if we can no longer bring this much-loved brand into the UK.

Have you been able to order this item to the UK recently? Please share your Dose of Colors stories with us.

Francesca x

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